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Hottest July day on record - 29 July 2019

What a fortnight! Thank goodness it has cooled down a bit, last week was unbearable especially for people in the south. My sister said it was 38 degrees centigrade last Thursday in their house in London.
During these hot summers we should all be keeping hydrated. In the shop we have delicious juicy Galia melons and a special offer on Flow naturally flavoured spring water - £1 down from £1.50
We also have refreshing organic salad ingredients: red leaf little gem lettuces, mini plum mixed coloured tomatoes and crunchy celery.

Sport and graduation ceremonies - 15 July 2019

Well what a sporty fortnight with the tennis and cricket! It's also been busy for me. I apologise for closing the shop on Tuesday afternoon but I had to dash over to Hull to see my youngest son graduate with a 1st class honours degree! Lots of young people will be leaving school now and awaiting exams results before moving on to the next stage of their lives. We wish them all the best.

We've got a lot of local produce in the shop - organic: bunched beetroot, broccoli, kale, spring greens, spinach; and spray free lettuces.


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