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This week's price guide for Organic Fruit & Vegetables and Fish & Meat availability

13th August 7:10 BST

Fresh vegetables

Avocado Hass £1.50 - £2.20 Spain each Garlic dried Spain £1.30 /100g
Beetroot bunched local UK £2.50 /bunch Ginger root fresh Peru/China £1.20 /100g
Broccoli (local) UK £4.50 /kg Khol Rabi local UK £1.90 each
Butternut Squash Spain £3.20 /kg Mushroom Chestnut UK £0.99 /100g
Cabbage red (local) tba UK each Onion red Spain £3.75 /kg
Cabbage pointed (local) UK £1.90 each Onions bunched UK £2.20 /bunch
Carrot new washed Italy £2.90 /kg Pepper Red Bell tba Spain/Holland each
Carrots (bunched and local) UK £2.20 /bunch Potato new sunita Local UK £2.20 /kg
Cauliflower UK £3.45 each Spinach/chard (local) UK £2.00 /bag
Cavalo Nero (local) UK £1.50 /bag spring greens local UK £2.50 /bag
Celery ( Demeter) Netherlands £2.90 /head Spring Onion (local) UK £1.90 /bunch
Cooked beetroot UK £1.55 /250g Sweet Potato Spain £4.90 /kg
Cooked beetroot UK £2.90 /500g Tomato mini plum Isle of Wight £0.99 /100g
courgette UK £3.99 /kg Tomato on vine France £5.50 /kg
Cucumber short (Demeter) UK £3.90 /kg Turmeric fresh £2.20 /100g
Fennel (local) UK £1.60 each

Fresh fruit

Apple Red Prince France £4.80 /kg Melon Galia Spain £3.90 each
Banana DR £3.00 /kg Melon Piel de Sapo Spain £3.90 each
Blueberry UK £4.20 /pnt Nectarine white flesh Spain £1.20 each
Grapes red seedless Spain £1.60 /100g Orange large tba Spain each
Kiwi Chile £0.75 each Pear Abate Fetel Argentina £4.90 /kg
Lemon 70p - £1.50 Spain each Plums Victoria UK £5.50 /kg
Medjool Date Jordan £2.00 /100g


Salmon fillets fresh UK Salmon smoked UK


Back bacon UK Minced beef and lamb (frozen) UK
Beef burgers g/f sugar free (frozen) pk 4 special offer £7.50 Range of frozen meat, poultry, fish UK
Boneless leg of Pork joints 1k approx (frozen) £21-£28 each