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Bonfire Night - 5 November 2019

It's Bonfire Night tonight. Halloween and Bonfire Night seem to blend in to one with fireworks going off for nearly a week. A lot of pet owners are worried about their animals who are frightened by the fireworks. Are Bonfire Night traditions fizzling out? Here's an interesting article.
It is still lovely to have some Yorkshire Parkin at this year! It should have been made a while ago for it to moisten but hey ho it will still taste good!

Half-term and Halloween - 21 October 2019

It's half-term next week in North Yorkshire but in other areas of the country it's this week so we can expect some visitors and lots of Halloween activities!
We have a good selection of organic Pumpkins in the shop so start your carving! With the flesh you can make warming Pumpkin soup or Pumpkin pie. The seeds can be baked and kept for putting on your breakfast cereal.


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