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Wimbledon tennis - 1 July 2019

Well we've had a mixture of weather over the last fortnight ending with a very warm day on Saturday. It's now Wimbledon fortnight so come and buy your strawberries!
 My sister's holiday in Scarborough went well. She stayed in a lovely renovated fisherman's cottage in the old town. She enjoyed wandering around and learning about the history of the area.

Midsummer - 17 June 2019

Tonight we'll have a dazzling bright full moon called a Strawberry Moon. It's Midsummer's Day on Friday and the weather is picking up. My sister is coming up for her school reunion so fingers crossed for good weather!
My sister-in-law has now gone back to Canada and wanted to let you know how delicious our organic salmon and new potatoes were. Most of the salmon in British Columbia is Sockeye which is very different from our delicious organic Scottish salmon.


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