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Autumnal colours

My sister has just been to stay for a few days and we've been really enjoying the beautiful autumnal colours. Do show us your photos next time you're in the shop or email them!
Christmas is slowly approaching and I'm starting to put up Christmas lights outside the shop.
We have some lovely Shetland wool blankets and rugs from Galway and Black Leicester Longwood sheep.
The sheep have been allowed to live out their natural lifespan in North Yorkshire. The blankets and rugs would make lovely Christmas presents.

Clocks have gone back

Oh dear the clocks have gone back and it's dark so much earlier. No wonder we make our pumpkin lanterns. We still have some pumpkins in the shop for carving and making soup or pie with the inside.
Don't waste anything! The seeds can be dried and when you've finished with the lantern leave it out for the squirrels, birds, hedgehogs or badgers.


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