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10 year celebration

The Christmas tree and decorations have now been taken to the dump and/or are packed away and we are in to the second week of January. Frightening how time flies!
Next month we will celebrating 10 years of the shop opening in Eastgate Square! Don't miss out - check our next blog on 28 January for details.
New in the shop are this season's Seville oranges and organic cane sugar for marmalade makers see this week's Fruit and Vegetable price guide for details.

Happy New Year

This is our last blog for 2018! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and not too many of you are suffering with one of the winter viruses that are going round.
We have a new health supplement called Benjaloka which has anti-viral bacterial properties. Benjaloka is a unique blend of Asian root plant extracts and can help cure winter colds and flu.
Beta Glucan is also a good supplement to take - it helps our immune system fight the viruses that are around at the moment. Beta Glucan can also be given to your pet dogs and cats.


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