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Wimbledon, 3 July 2022

It's that time of year again - lots of sport! If you are a tennis fan I hope you're enjoying Wimbledon and the wonderful rainbow that appeared on Thursday evening.
Unfortunately we haven't any strawberries in the shop but we do have some delicious white flesh Nectarines and Galia Melons - see the price guide for details.
For the gardeners amongst you we have a small amount of Moorland gold multi-purpose compost at a competitive price!
Have a good week and keep safe.

Midsummer, 18 June 2022

We're nearly at Midsummer's Day - aren't the light evenings lovely. We're hearing that some customers are using the good weather and light evenings to cook outside in the garden rather than use electricity. Take a look at the charity Ripple Africa who are helping to introduce a fuel-efficient cookstove to communities in Malawi, Africa. These stoves provide a much safer and more sustainable alternative to the old three-stone fires.


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