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Step 3 Covid restrictions, 8 May 2021

What a relief for gardeners and farmers when the rain came! Also the wind direction is changing tonight to bring us southerlies so it will start to feel warmer.
We've had major fruit and vegetable delivery problems this week so our fresh produce price guide is quite
restrictive - please accept our apologies. Covid has severally hampered deliveries but hopefully things will start to improve.

May Day, 26 April 2021

Still strange weather but it is April! The sun is hot when it's out but the wind is so cold. The good thing is that the blossom has lasted longer. The bad thing for farmers and gardeners is that we haven't had any rain but there is some forecast for later in the week. Don't forget it's May Day at the end of this week and the shop will be closed on bank holiday Monday 3 May.


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