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Strawberries, tennis and football

Wow what lovely weather! My sister has some London friends holidaying in Pickering this week and what a week for them! This is their first time in North Yorkshire and they are seeing it in all it's glory. After a trip on the steam train to Goathland/ Hogsmeade Station (they are Harry Potter fans) I hope to see them in the shop. My sister wants them to buy her some things from the shop: Suma almonds which she says are delicious and the eye health supplement Lutein to help reduce the progression of age-related macular degeneration. It's the beginning of Wimbledon fortnight and we have local spray-free strawberries and raspberries for you tennis fans! We also have delicious water melons to quench your thirst. For a full list of what's in the shop see our This Week page
In the meat/fish department we will have fresh organic: beef mince and braising steak; Tudor pork; bacon; smoked salmon. We also have frozen organic: chicken, salmon and pork chops. Have a good week! PS if you or a friend can't come to the shop you can take a virtual tour! You can then email in an order and we will endeavour to deliver it - see our delivery page for details.